Risk management

Rethinking risk management

In an ever-changing business world, agile risk management is a strategic success factor. As one of the leading insurance brokers in Switzerland, we offer a unique service for companies that want to manage their risks in a holistic, systematic and automated way: the Verlingue Risk Dialogue.

The Verlingue Risk Dialogue

At the heart of the Verlingue Risk Dialogue is a continuous exchange of information with clients about risks and their impact on business and value chains. The cyclical, IT-based approach, enables us to work with you to develop a comprehensive risk management system that is fully aligned with your needs – and to track and develop it on an ongoing, systematic and automated basis.

Much more than traditional risk management

The pinnacle of our innovative service: Our approach combines traditional risk management with business impact analysis. We help you to identify, assess and manage your risks in a truly holistic way. And we take into account not only insurable risks, but also potential threats to your value chains.

Risk Dialogue approach

This is how we proceed

Risk Management In a first step, we work together to identify, describe, prioritise and systematically assess your business risks. In a dialogue process, measures are developed, responsibilities established and control mechanisms defined. Not only insurable risks are considered.

Business Impact Analysis We then analyse potential threats along your value chains that could have a negative impact on your business. Working closely with your teams, we run through disruption scenarios, assess the impact and develop appropriate measures in line with your business continuity management.

The added value of this integrated approach lies in the IT-supported, structured and agile presentation and management of your company’s complete risk map.

Our promise

You need to be open about risk. Long-term partnerships and a culture of dialogue are an important basis for this. That is why being close to our clients is our top priority. As a trusted service partner, we want to support you in all risk issues. We want to enable you to identify all the risks in your business and manage them in the best possible way.

Your added value

Our service offers convincing added value: The Verlingue Risk Dialogue automates and systematises your risk management and enables systematic evaluations. This enables you to continuously monitor and manage your risk landscape with IT support. And you can respond efficiently to changing conditions and new insights at any time. As a result, you can be confident that your business and value creation risks are always under control, even in an increasingly dynamic market environment.

The Verlingue Risk Dialogue is particularly useful for companies that do not have an in-house risk manager.

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