Corporate Health management

Healthy employees for a healthy company

The health and performance of employees are crucial to the success of a company. We help you optimise your corporate health management (CHM) and achieve positive long-term results.

30 %
of workers feel emotionally exhausted.
600 – 1’000 CHF
is the average cost of an employee absence.
60 %
more absences for 15- to 24-year-olds in the last 5 years
22 Mrd. CHF
is the total annual cost due to mental health absences at work.

An investment that pays off

A healthy workforce is the capital of every company. Investing in effective corporate health management pays off for all involved.

Healthy and motivated employees are not only more satisfied, but also more productive and are less likely to be absent from work – a win-win situation for employers and employees.

We can help you – competently and neutrally

With our service management, we support you independently and professionally with a wide range of effective solutions in prevention, absence and case management.

We analyse your situation, define the relevant fields of action and work with you to determine the appropriate measures for your needs.

Use our carefully selected partnerships for effective prevention-, absence- and case-management solutions.

Partnering with the best specialists for you

We work together with recognised specialists in all areas of CHM, and call them in as partners where necessary.

As a neutral consultant, we always want to offer our clients the greatest possible freedom of choice, so you can choose the most suitable partner from several options.

Support for Health Promotion Switzerland

With a statutory mandate, Health Promotion Switzerland initiates, coordinates and evaluates measures to promote health and prevent disease (Swiss Health Insurance Act, Article 19).

In the area of CHM, the foundation supports organisations and businesses in setting up systematic corporate health management (CHM) with the ‘Friendly Work Space’ label and CHM services. Most of the documents, aids and tools are free of charge.


What does Verlingue offer?

Holistic approach

We advise you independently and neutrally on all matters relating to your corporate health management. We take a systematic and holistic approach. Based on an in-depth analysis, we focus on exactly the measures and areas where action is needed and where the greatest added value can be expected for you. This ensures that you can invest your time and money as optimally as possible in the health of your employees.

Successful partnerships

As a Verlingue customer, you have access to our network of selected partners in the areas of prevention, absence and case management. As a neutral consultant, we always offer our clients the greatest possible freedom of choice, so they can choose the best partner from several options. Thanks to our rigorous pre-selection, you save time and money on your own evaluation, and you always have the security of being in the best hands. And you can also enjoy special Verlingue pricing.

The “Verlingue CHM” enables you to promote health in the workplace through optimised structures and processes, benefiting both employees and the company.


A wide range of services are designed to help you reduce absenteeism and achieve positive financial effects, thereby strengthening both the health of your employees and the performance of your business.

Your added value

Strong team with healthy employees
  • Maintain employees’ ability to work and motivation
  • Fewer sicknesses and absences
  • Increase employee satisfaction and improve the working environment
  • Higher company retention, lower staff turnover
  • Easier reintegration of sick and injured employees
Better performance for your company
  • Lower productivity losses due to fewer absences
  • Strong and motivated workforce that drives the business forward
  • Positioning as an exemplary employer in the labour market
  • Reduction in daily sickness benefits and lower premiums
  • Reduction in long-term absences (lower direct and indirect costs)
Independent advice for optimal solutions
  • Individual and personal advice from qualified experts
  • Transparency and orientation for needs-based decisions
  • Wide range of services in prevention, absence and case management
  • Optimum use of your resources (time, budget)
  • Access to a highly qualified partner network with 5–15% off under special pricing

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