We make sure everything goes smoothly with your company pension plans

Pension plans

Turning options into a structured pension plan

A good pension plan guarantees your standard of living in old age. The increasing life expectancy, statutory regulations and falling returns are putting healthy pension solutions under a lot of strain.

We help companies review pension benefits for the options on the market, opportunities, risks and consequences.

Optimum pension plan

Our experienced team of experts has broad knowledge of the market knowledge. Thanks to this, we can implement even complex solutions and provide our clients with a solid and customised basis for an optimum pension plan.

Added value of a pension fund review

The pension solutions in many companies are not optimally structured. Making changes to pension plans also offers scope for optimisation which is often not used. A change of pension fund offers corresponding opportunities.


Find our more about our advisory approach to pension plans in our facsheet

Your added value


  • Specialists with many years of market experience and a high level of expertise
  • Personal advice to and lightening the load of the HR department – Support and advice with regard to cooperating with the authorities
  • Identification of solutions in the event of new market conditions and changes to pension fund regulations
  • Investigation of the room for optimisations in the current market conditions and pension models.
  • Regular reviews and comparisons of death, disability and old-age benefits.
  • Analysis, assessment and review of the interest policy and the financial risk capacity of the pension fund.